Zeppelin Aero Works Deutschland S/11 Skateboard Deck

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Zeppelin Aero Works Deutschland S/11 Skateboard Deck

The flagship of the Zeppelin line, the Deutschland S/11 features a long and wide template; a long, stable wheelbase; a spoon nose concave that features a prominent front-foot rocker (centered just behind the front truck mounting holes) and a subtle tri-tail for enhanced toe and heel response; and wheelwells all around. This board excels in "big" terrain where stability at speed matters: giant bowls, deep ditches, and speedy snake runs, while also doubling as a fast, stable sidewalk cruiser. Made in America without compromises, this Deutschland S/11 has the Tri-Panel Shield graphic. Special Introductory Edition deck, only 50 made. Dimensions are as follows:

The Deutschland S/11:

Width: 11.125"
Length: 34"
Nose: 4.625"
Tail: 7.125"
Wheelbase: 17.75"

Recommended setup:

This deck was designed around Independent 215s, 65mm Zeppelin Helium SR wheels, and 1/2" riser pads. Can substitute 65mm Powell Peralta Mini Cubics (or any wide, offset bearing wheel) in lieu of Heliums, and any truck with a 10" axle length (Tracker 184, Bullet 185, Thunder 181).

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