Mini Logo

Mini Logo manufactures some of the best equipment in the skateboard industry. The creative team behind Mini Logo doesn’t skimp on quality materials or workmanship. Mini Logo does all things skateboarding, and they do it right! Handmade from high quality, 7 ply maple, Mini Logo skateboard decks are known for their long-lasting durability. Although their iconic color scheme may be military green, their decks are available in other colors as well. Mini Logo skateboard bearings put other brands to shame with their incredible speed. Made of tough chromium steel, their bearings guarantee a super fast ride! Maintain a stable ride and smooth turning with Mini Logo skateboard trucks. Their trucks have been tested by pro skaters to ensure optimal performance. Complete your skateboard with a set of Mini Logo skateboard wheels. The newest addition to Mini Logo’s product line, their skateboard wheels are no exception to overall performance. Made from a super-rebound urethane formula, Mini Logo skateboard wheels outperform and outlast any other brand. Their wheels are available in “A-Cut” for skateparks and “C-Cut” for streets. Keep a solid grip on your board with Mini Logo grip tape. Made of silicon carbide, their tape is long-lasting, easy to install, and holds exceptionally well. To give your board additional lift and support, use Mini Logo skateboard riser pads. They help keep your wheels spinning freely, and prevent your board from cracking against the pavement.

With a devotion to being MILITANT (aggressively active in support of a cause), Mini Logo is all about raw and pure skateboarding products. Choose Mini Logo and feel the difference in the way you ride!
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