Get your daily dose of Vitamin C with OJ skateboard products! Established in 1974, OJ is one of the original founding fathers of skateboard companies. With a specialty for skateboard wheels, OJ has been a leader in the industry for over twenty years! OJ skateboard wheels are made from the best urethane formula available. They have many styles available that work well on different terrains. Designed in bright neon colors, their Thunder Juice wheels are big, soft, and fast! They make riding on the roughest roads feel perfectly smooth. Thunder Juice is specifically designed for longboards. OJ Logo Family skateboard wheels are made for high speeds! They come in different sizes and colors to match your skateboard deck and trucks. Their LTD Orange wheels can take on the roughest roads, like brick and cobblestone, and still provide you with a smooth and quiet ride! Nobody knows skateboard wheels better than OJ! In addition to wheels, OJ also makes skateboard stickers. OJ skateboard stickers feature their logo in a number of styles and designs. Stick them to your skateboard deck, notebook, car, and more. You can never have enough stickers!

When it comes to the riding lifestyle, OJ is sure about one thing: skateboard wheels. Choose OJ as your favorite skateboard wheels brand, and feel the difference in the way you ride!
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