Shake Junt

Shake Junt is one of the hottest brands in skateboarding right now, and for good reason. They have such a wide variety of skateboard products that they’ve established a name for themselves among street skaters and pros alike. Their products are made with high quality materials that never fall apart, regardless of how hard your skate. Shake Junt skateboard bearings provide an incredibly smooth and fast ride! Choose from their ABEC 3, 5, and 7 rated bearings—each bearing is great for different skill levels! Tired of slipping off your board? Check out Shake Junt skateboard grip tape. Their grip tape is super sticky on one side and textured on the other for a solid grip. With Shake Junt skateboard hardware kits, you’ll be able to build your board or fine tune it with ease! If you love Shake Junt, then you’ll want to stock up on their brand apparel. Shake Junt skateboard t-shirts come in short sleeve and tank styles. They also have a selection of Shake Junt long sleeve skateboard t-shirts. Keep warm while you board on cooler days in Shake Junt skateboard sweatshirts. Their sweatshirts are available with and without hoods. If your a hat wearer, Shake Junt has you covered. Shake Junt skateboard hats and Shake Junt skateboard beanies will keep the hair out of your face while you cruise down the street. Keep your belongings together in Shake Junt skateboard backpacks. Their backpacks have a large compartment with smaller pockets in the front. Keep your money safe in Shake Junt skateboard wallets. Their wallets feature the same graphics as their backpacks, so pair them together!

From quality equipment to fun apparel, Shake Junt has everything you need for your boarding lifestyle. Show your brand loyalty and start your collection of Shake Junt gear!
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