Tensor was founded in 2000 by professional skateboarder Rodney Mullen. Known in the industry specifically for their skateboard trucks, Tensor sets the bar when it comes to skateboard equipment. Their skateboard trucks have a unique combination of specialized components that provide one of the most responsive, durable, and lightweight skateboard trucks on the market. Tensor skateboard trucks are available in two models: magnesium and aluminum. Their magnesium trucks are 11% lighter than the industry standard. They incorporate a lower pivot cup for faster turning, longer sliding, and improved responsiveness. Tensor aluminum trucks will give you a smooth ride and firm control, allowing you to make quick turns. The creative team behind Tensor skateboard trucks are made up of talented pro skateboards. Before hitting the shelves, their trucks are tested by their riders to ensure optimal efficiency. Tensor skateboard trucks come in a variety of bold colors. Match your skateboard truck to your deck and wheels for a solid look, or mix it up for an edgier look! Tensor also sells other skateboard products such as wheels, bearings, trucks, and decks. With Tensor, you will never be disappointed in the way you ride!

Tensor may not be the oldest skateboard company in the industry, but they have proven themselves as a worthy skateboard brand of choice. Find your perfect fit among their selection of skateboard trucks, and watch your boarding skills reach new heights!
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