Created in 1999 and owned under distribution company Tum Yeto, Habitat was founded by pro skaters Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender. Their label is a sister brand to Alien Workshop and Reflex Bearings. They are best known for their unique construction and design method for their skateboard decks. Using their Skylite Construction, Habitat skateboard decks are made with 5 ply maple. Using 5 ply instead of standard 7 ply ensures that their decks are overall lighter without jeopardizing strength. The tops of their skate decks have a laminated finish, and the bottoms produce less friction while performing tricks. Customize your ride with a set of high performance wheels. Habitat skateboard wheels are sleek with a smooth roll away as you perform tricks. They are very durable, and have a solid grip against any surface you ride across. Habitat also has a great selection of skateboarding apparel. Habitat skateboard t-shirts are great to wear while boarding or for lazy weekends. Habitat skateboard shorts are as comfortable as they are functional. They have many pockets to keep your phone close by. Express your loyalty to Habitat with their assortment of stickers! Stick your Habitat skateboard stickers to your skate deck, backpack, notebook, and anywhere else! From amateurs to professionals, skaters cannot enough of Habitat products.

Habitat is a forward-thinking company that’s always looking for the next skate niche to conquer. If you are ready to take your riding to all new heights, choose Habitat!
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