Bones Bearings

For over thirty years, Bones Bearings has had a reputation for creating high quality products in the skateboarding industry. They have set a high standard when it comes to what skateboarders should be riding, and for good reason. If you are looking for the best skateboard bearings, Bones Bearings has what you need. Their bearings are made of high performance materials that actually improve the way you ride. Bones Reds and Super Reds bearings have a polished surface finishing, allowing you to ride fast, but quietly and smoothly. Their Swiss skateboard bearings are designed for speed, fast acceleration, strength, and durability. If you want to take your boarding a step higher, choose Bones Swiss Ceramic bearings. Compared to the finest steel balls, their ceramic bearings are lighter, stronger, and long-lasting. They allow you to accelerate faster on your board, and travel farther than ever before! All Bones Bearings skateboard bearings are made for skating in any weather condition. You won’t have to worry about buying new bearings for years. They also have removable rubber shields for easy cleaning between riding. Bearings are available in sets of six and eight. If you want to keep your bearings in top shape, use Bones Bearings skateboard lubricant. This synthetic lube is designed to reduce friction and prevent corrosion. Using Bones’ speed cream lubricant regularly will make your bearings remain fast for years to come. If you are a devoted skateboarder, then don’t leave home without your Bones Bearings tools! Their bearings cleaning unit is made out of a high density polyethylene and flushes out eight bearings at a time. When you need to replace your bearings, Bones’ bearing tool pulls the old set off and presses the new bearings on safely and easily. Bearings are fragile, so make sure you use this custom designed device to avoid any damages! If you cannot get enough of this brand, then you will like collecting Bones Bearings stickers!  Stick them to your skateboards, notebooks, and anything else!
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