Bronson Speed Co.

Established in 2013 and already a global leader in the industry, Bronson Speed Co. quickly rose to the top, thanks to their reinvented skateboard bearings. Described as the “next generation of bearings,” the company is famous for using the most accurate product-testing technologies the skating world has ever seen. Bronson Speed Co. skateboard bearings have deep groove raceways, which reduces side impact damage and breakage. Their micro groove raceway surfaces improve bearing lubrication, speed, and spin. The company uses high speed ceramic oil for protection against moisture, rust, and corrosion. Their bearings have straight edge, frictionless shields, which are easy to remove and clean. Their shields also fit deep into the groove to keep oil in and dirt out. Bronson Speed Co. bearings have a max impact cage design so the bearing balls remain precision spaced and oil continues circulating. They also use a “Balls Out” technology, which eliminates the shield and cage contact on impact for faster bearings that spin longer. If you’re ready for the ultimate bearings, Bronson Speed Co. has you covered. Grab a case, test them out, and see yourself ride like never before! In addition to bearings, the company also sells logo caps. Because who wouldn't want to sport a Bronson Speed Co. skateboard hat while showing off their skating skills? If you can’t get enough of this brand, check out their Bronson Speed Co. skateboard stickers. Their logo stickers will look great on your deck, backpacks, notebooks, and more!
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