Schmitt Stix

Schmitt Stix was founded by skateboard craftsman Paul Schmitt in the early 1980s. Originally based in Florida, the company was moved to its current California home in 1985. Schmitt Stix is owned and operated under Select Distribution, who also owns established brands Elephant, Hosoi, Palisades, The Pickle Board Co., and Magic. As a brand that’s known for their old school designs, Schmitt Stix decks are still inspired by their original blueprints and remain as popular as ever among riders of all ages. Schmitt Stix skateboard decks are built with a deep, modern concave shape for sturdy footing, balance, and control. Designed in traditional and cruiser shapes, Schmitt Six designs boards for skates passionate about freestyle riding, speed, and performing technical tricks. Don’t worry if you’re new to skateboarding—Schmitt Stix boards are great to learn on! Their decks are also built strong enough to withstand the tough conditions that more advanced riders deal with. Schmitt Stix boards have no trouble traversing any terrain. Test them out on everything from smooth pavement to ditches and you’ll soon see these boards just don’t wear down! Choose between a variety of colorful stains and unique artwork featured on their decks. You won’t have trouble finding a board that suits your personality. With over thirty years in the skateboarding industry, Schmitt Stix knows how to quench a rider’s thirst when it comes to innovation and originality. Choose Schmitt Stix as your skateboarding brand and ride hard!
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