The Killing Floor

The Killing Floor is a Pacific Northwest skate company that was founded in 2009. Their inspiration comes from old blues, jazz, classic rock and the simpler days of old school skateboarding. Though it’s a sport to many, The Killing Floor views skateboarding as a form of art. Their mission is to help younger generations embrace the beauty of skating and to come together as a group to build the skating community in the right direction. It’s all about supporting your own scene and doing things your way! The Killing Floor specializes in skateboards, apparel, videos and magazines. Constructed from traditional 7 ply maple with a slight concave shape, The Killing Floor skateboard decks provide incredible stability and the pop skaters crave. They feature a variety of real-life graphics representing astronomy, science, and good versus evil. Keep it real in The Killing Floor skateboard t-shirts. Their one-of-a-kind graphic tees are perfect to wear while shredding or taking it easy in front of the TV. They also have a line of athletic jackets that make you feel like you're in charge of your very own team. The Killing Floor skateboard hats have wide brims to keep your eyes shielded from the sun. If caps aren’t your thing, check out their selection of comfy beanies. The Killing Floor has everything you need for your skating lifestyle.

The Killing Floor might be new to the industry, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming a national favorite. Choose The Killing Floor for all your skating needs and ride hard!

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