Headquartered in Southern California, Gravity has been operating since 1994. They are widely known as one of the leaders in the longboard industry. The company takes great pride in being environmentally responsible, following their suited philosophy: “Happy Green Feet.” All of their products are made with eco-friendly materials. Gravity is dedicated to producing high performance longboards and longboarding gear ideal for all different riding styles and preferences. If you love fast, downhill boarding sessions, look no further than Gravity longboard decks. Their decks are designed for smooth turns and cruising at high speeds over long distances. Gravity longboard decks feature a variety of patterns such as tribal prints, zebra skin, and rainbow stripes. Their longboard decks are made from sturdy, 9 ply maple. Looking for a board that’s already put together? Check out their selection of Gravity complete longboards. Their pre-assembled boards come equipped with a deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, and grip tape. With larger trucks and decks, Gravity longboards give riders more room to move around. Gravity longboard wheels come in several styles to fit your riding lifestyle. Made with their Hi Grade urethane, their wheels are perfect for cruising at high speeds—with low rolling resistance and controlled grip while turning. Gravity skateboard bearings put other brands to shame with their incredible speed. With an ABEC 5 rating, their bearings guarantee a super fast ride! Stay protected while you ride with Gravity skateboard replacement glove pads. Gravity skateboard pads are tough enough to handle even the harshest falls, allowing you to continue your skateboard session.

If you are passionate about longboarding, you won’t be disappointed with Gravity’s selection of longboarding gear. Choose gravity and feel the difference in the way you ride.
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