Element Skateboards is a highly successful skateboard company based in Irvine, California. The brand was originally formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 1992 under the name Underworld Element. Element skateboard decks are constructed from thriftwood 7 ply maple. They are made thicker for added strength, but still remain lightweight with minimal flexing. They come in variety of colors and graphics featuring the brand symbol and name. If you are looking to buy and ride immediately, Element complete skateboards are all you need. They are set up and ready for you to use right away. Like their skateboard decks, Element completes are graphically detailed with their logo and other images. Whether you skateboard down endless hills or through town, having the right skateboard trucks is important. Updating your trucks will improve your turning and stability, as well as boost the overall look of your board. You will not be disappointed with the smooth, solid ride Element skateboard trucks will provide you. For a faster ride, purchase Element skateboard bearings. Their bearings are made of high quality materials that actually improve the way you board. Element ceramic bearings are made of strong and heavy made-to-last steel. They allow you to accelerate faster on your board, and travel farther than ever before! All Element bearings come in packs of four. Complete your skateboard with a set of Element skateboard wheels. Made of strong urethane rubber, their wheels are colorful featuring unique designs and images.

As a devoted skateboarder, you know that parts on your board can become loose over time. That’s why you should always carry an Element skateboard hardware set when you ride! Get a solid grip on the way you board with Element grip tape. This sticky helper will keep your feet firmly planted on your board with no chance of slipping. It's easy to apply and all you need is an Elment grip tape file. Challenge yourself to new tricks using Element skateboard wax. Applied to railings and street curbs, this wax will give you complete control as you board against different surfaces. If you have trouble finding the right rail to do grinding tricks, then you need an Element grinding rail. With adjustable height settings, you can easily set this rail up right in your driveway. To give your board some additional lift, use Element skateboard riser pads. They are shock-absorbent to help prevent your board from cracking.

Showcase your commitment to Element by sporting their variety of apparel items! Element t-shirts are loose fitting and perfect to wear for boarding. Complete your look with Element socks and caps. Available in traditional and bucket styles, Element hats sport their name and logo. They also have a line of Element beanies! Leave the outdated sagging pants craze behind and make sure you wear an Element belt! If you like to skateboard while running errands, then a Element backpack is all you need. Lightweight with pockets for organization, they come in traditional and waistpack styles. Integrate Element into your lifestyle with Element stickers. And if you want to style your room after your favorite brand, hang up an Element poster on your bedroom wall. They add a great touch!

If Element is your favorite brand, then you’ll love all the products they offer. From skateboards to rail guards, your shredding is going to reach incredible heights!

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6 products