U.S. MAPLE "Championship Tee" T-SHIRT

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U.S. MAPLE "Championship Tee" T-SHIRT

Design by Mark Fischer
UNFIT #12 / Double-Sided T-Shirt

U.S. Maple was an American noise rock band. The group formed in Chicago in 1995. The band consisted of Al Johnson (lead singer), Mark Shippy (guitarist), Pat Samson (drummer), and Todd Rittmann (guitarist).

The artwork was originally designed by SKiN GRAFT’s Mark Fischer for the band’s North American tour poster - and was later immortalized by its prominent placement on the front counter of the record store in the film “High Fidelity”.

Hear them here: https://skingraftrecords.bandcamp.com/album/long-hair-in-three-stages

“The underground rock scene’s sloppy dependence on dissonance, fractured rhythms, and quasi atonality has by and large rendered these elements ineffective. But within this sad state of affairs arrives U.S. Maple’s stunning debut “Long Hair In Three Stages”, released by Skin Graft, produced by Jim O’Rourke, proving that noise can be more than just a racket. Fronted by al Johnson, the whirling white-trash dervish of the late hick noisenicks Shorty, U.S. Maple plays music that can sound utterly disorganized at times. But Johnson’s wheezing cries and drunken whoops fit so tightly into the aggressive, disjointed machinations that there is no doubt this Chicago band possesses a keen if complicated sense of order”.
- Peter Margasak (from the bands first Critics Choice / The Chicago Reader)

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