Tracker Axis Bill Danforth 161mm Skateboard Trucks

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Tracker Axis Bill Danforth 161mm Skateboard Trucks

  • Bill Danforth Pro Model
  • 161MM - 9.00 AXLE
  • Sold as a pair

The Axis is the newest addition to the Tracker line. Keeping the classic Tracker look, we steepened the pivot angle to create a quicker turning radius, dropped the hanger height and re-worked the yoke for better kingpin clearance on grinds. The Axis is a perfect truck for most applications; street, vert, pool, park or cruiser, this truck will not disappoint!

*Deck range recommendation varies depending on type and width of wheels

Do I Need Riser Pads?

When running certain combinations of trucks and wheels sometimes it becomes necessary to use riser pads to avoid ‘wheel bite’. Don’t know what ‘wheel bite’ is? Well consider yourself lucky. Wheel bite is what happens when you turn your board and your wheel touches the deck. If you do this hard enough the wheel will ‘bite’ and stop rolling. This often means that you go flying off your board. So if you’re running bigger wheels make sure to read through this chart. While it might look like homework it’s definitely more fun than hitting the pavement!

Truck Height** Wheel Range***
48.5 - 52 49 - 53
52 - 53.5 51 - 55
53.5 - 55 53 - 57
60 55 - 59

**You can find truck height information in the 'Details' area a specific truck page.
***Wheel size recommendation with no riser.

What Size Hardware Do I Need For My Board?

When attaching your trucks to your board you’re gonna want to make sure your bolts are long enough. If you use risers, you’ll want to run a longer bolt, but you don’t want to go too long or your setup will look all goofy! Use the chart below and everything will fall into place.

Wheel Size Riser Size Hardware Size  
    7 ply deck 9 ply deck
49 - 55 - 7/8" -
55 - 58 1/8" 1" -
57 - 60 1/8" - 3/8" 1 1/4" 1 1/4"
60 - 65 3/8" - 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2"


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