Powell Peralta Snakes 66mm 82a Yellow Skateboard Wheels

Powell Peralta Snakes 66mm 82a Yellow Skateboard Wheels

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Powell Peralta Snakes 82a 66mm Yellow Skateboard WheelsAbout the Wheels

Introducing 82a SNAKES in blue (66mm) or yellow (69mm). We've been busy in the RnD department developing a totally new SSF formula in 82a that will further widen the offerings from Powell-Peralta. This 82a formula will be grippier than the 75a SSF you've come to rely on while offering a more sugary and in the pavement feel. Being 82a, this wheel will also resist chunking and chipping and is a superior choice for dancing, freestyle, or those who want a bit more engagement with the road. 

We're certain you're going to love them! 

Snakes are the softest of the SSF / Soft Slide Formula family. Built for high speed control and extra roll on any terrain. Rail corners, slash driveways, cruise them and drift them. Snakes will roll farther with every push, slide easier, hook up more smoothly, and last longer.

  • Brand Powell-Peralta
  • Wheel Core Yes
  • Wheel Diameter 69mm
  • Wheel Width 48mm
  • Wheel Contact Width 44mm
  • Wheel Hardness 75a
  • Wheel Formula Soft Slide
  • Wheel Color Black
  • Wheel Suggested Use All Terrain
  • Wheel Surface Smooth

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