Powell Peralta G-Slides 59mm 82a Yellow Skateboard Wheels

Powell Peralta G-Slides 59mm 82a Yellow Skateboard Wheels

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Powell Peralta G-Slides

82a 59mm Yellow Skateboard Wheels

**Picture states snakes but actual wheels has the word G-Slide in place of the snakes. 

About the Wheels

82a “SSF PRO" Yellow / Blue - This all new 82a SSF PRO formula found in 59mm G-Slides, 66mm and 69mm Snakes will be GRIPPIER than the current 75a offering, which is only possible through the magic of urethane formulation. This formula will be more in the pavement in comparison to the 75a which floats on top of it. On hot days, or under heavier skaters, I expect the blue and yellow will leave colorful ’thane lines. At 82a, this new formula will reduce the chunking which is common in our 75a or 80a wheels. You could describe the 59mm 82a G-Slides as an upgraded RoughRider that resists chunking and slides much easier. 

  • Brand Powell-Peralta
  • Wheel Core Yes
  • Wheel Diameter 59mm
  • Wheel Width 48mm
  • Wheel Contact Width 44mm
  • Wheel Hardness 75a
  • Wheel Formula Soft Slide
  • Wheel Color Black
  • Wheel Suggested Use All Terrain
  • Wheel Surface Smooth

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