Embassy Skateboards

Embassy Skateboards is the brain child of Skateboard Legend John “TEX” Gibson and Bark Hard band mate Lee Leal. John was the first Texas pro skateboarder EVER. John’s career expands through four decades. In 2009, YES TEN YEARS AGO during a recession, Tex & Lee, along with the blessing’s from their wives launched their own Skateboard Company to continue the legacy where it left off.

Embassy Ambassador’s include 80's vert pro's Ken Fillion, Craig Johnson, Todd Prince, Henry Gutierrez, Dave Duncan, Surf Legend Christian Fletcher, Bill Danforth, Pat Black, Allen Midgette, Rodney Mead and Dave Reul are among the OG Legends. The roster includes from Texas, Ivan Rodriguez, Taylor Bray, Cody G, The "B" Team headed by Jimmy Seol.  Repping on the female side is skateboard Olympian Bombette Martin from NYC. & Kat Folsom from Folsom California There’s a lot of History embedded into the EMBASSY brand.

Collin Graham, and a slew of others round off the Embassy Virginia Beach chapter. Nathan Midgette (Allen’s son), Ronnie O’Neal, Jason Gutierrez (Henry’s nephew, Glen’s son) and Ronan Livingston round off the “Fork Crew” East Coast vibe.

Embassy launched in Feb. of 2009 with 7 different shapes and 4 different graphics.  Shane Munce’s artwork has emerged as a staple in the Embassy style of art.

From old-school to new-school, Embassy promises to keep the core of skateboarding alive. No compromising here. Treat yourself to some radness

Otherwise, we live by what we stand for. RIDE WITH PRIDE!!!

7 products

7 products