LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS "Smokey" Double-Sided T-Shirt

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LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS "Smokey" Double-Sided T-Shirt / Design by Gregory Jacobsen (cat # UNFiT #08). 

Chicago's Lovely Little Girls focus on the details; that bit of flab hanging over a waistband, those ill-fitting shoes that carve deeper with each step and that slight underbite - teetering between the lovely and the repugnant. 

Led by visual artist/vocalist Gregory Jacobsen and bassing Alex Perkolup (Cheer-Accident, Flying Luttenabachers, Bobby Conn), Chicago's Lovely Little Girls is a nine-piece art-prog band that features the cream of the crop of Chicago's avant-rock scene. Their latest LP (and second for SKiN GRAFT Records)  "Glistening Vivid Splash", propels the ensemble's darkly humorous vision of absurd sexuality, abject failure, and unceremonious death to new heights by utilizing more space, and employing a strange sense of harmony that will strike a chord with fans of Magma, Cardiacs, Arrigo Barnabe, and early Residents. Produced by Greg Norman and mastered by Todd Rittmann (Dead Rider, US Maple), the music of Lovely Little Girls is permeated by an ominous urgency, ripening and decaying before the ears

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