Hoaries - Rocker Shocker LP

Hoaries - Rocker Shocker LP

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Hoaries - Rocker Shocker LP

Cacophonous noise-rock combo, Ex-members of WHITE DRUGS (AmRep) and The Paper Chase (Kill Rock Stars)

Cacophonous noise-rock combo, Rocker Shocker will be available in several limited edition vinyl configurations via Reptilian Records (Fight Amp, Multicult) and features a bone-rattling mix by Matthew Barnhart (METZ, Superchunk). While last year's 7" collection, Crudforms 1-3 was acerbic but enticing sharp stabs of rock, Rocker Shocker undulates with more whiplash inducing stop- start rhythms and up's the abrasion dial even more while displaying more variety of sound. Speaking on the new album, Jeff Helland (vocals, guitar) of the Dallas quartet (and also formerly of Amphetamine Reptile Records band White Drugs) says "this album was really recorded in three different locations over the course of a year. Sitting around during the pandemic, I had a chance to really fully realize the songs, as opposed to just putting them down and the band adding their parts. Also we changed our bass player (Bobby Weaver from The Paper Chase on Kill Rock Stars) and second guitar player (Christian Breit from White Drugs) so we had time to get their input on these songs." With Clay Stinnett still in the drummer's seat propelling the songs forward, the LP congealed into a fantastic debut. While Helland always sounds unhinged as if preaching the end-time gospel he related "I rarely write a song with a story or meaning in mind. It's mostly free-assocations, my dying wish is to be known as the fast-food Captain Beefheart."

Track Listing

  • I've Got A Room at the Plaza
  • Morning After Pal
  • Data Stitches
  • UNGH
  • Permanent Meltdown
  • Pearls
  • Soldier of Love (SADÉ cover)
  • We're Doing This
  • Stoved In

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