Emma 2xLP Vinyl LP Record *Used 1986 Release*

Emma 2xLP Vinyl LP Record *Used 1986 Release*

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Emma 2xLP Vinyl LP Record Used 1986 Release

A1    No Allegiance–    Dreams Of Pain
A2    Pandemonium (3)–    Between The Lines
A3    Tu-Do Hospital–    Media Control
A4    BGK*–    Bloodsuckers
A5    Morzelpronk–    Once Flew Upon A Time In The West Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Or: MEEP!)
A6    Nog Watt–    Copy Life
A7    Impact (12)–    Sulla Loro Croce / Ribellione
A8    Deadlock (5)–    Words They Exchange
B1    The Ex–    Choice
B2    Membranes*–    Mr. Charisma Brain
B3    Kaki's–    Milda
B4    Vacuum (4)–    Fakoum
B5    Zowiso–    Glimp
B6    Sjako!–    Here Come The Weirdos
B7    Zak In As–    Up / Amacord
C1    Sonic Youth–    Brother James
C2    If*–    Eat Yourself
C3    Svätsox & Dorpsoudste De Jong–    Busy Weeks
C4    Grin (6)–    Listen To The Bodies Fall
C5    The Gentry–    Elimination Of Us
C6    Krapuul–    Geen Geweten
C7    Electric Hannes–    De Grote Roje Auto Raga
D1    No Pigz*–    Down
D2    Negazione–    Plastica
D3    Indigesti–    Doppio Confronto
D4    Hostages Of Ayatollah–    Hallo Nachbar
D5    Capital Scum–    Road Killer
D6    Combat Not Conform–    Youth Of Today
D7    Murder Inc. III–    What We Want Is What We Get
D8    UBCF–    No Nazies

***Used items are visually graded rather than play tested, due to the high volume of items received.
In addition, due to the nature of used items, we cannot accept returns/refunds for used items.
They are sold *AS IS*. Please ask if you would like actual physical item photos; we can test play upon request!***
Vinyl: VG
Sleeve: G+

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