Brand X Riot Stick Skateboard Deck LTD of 50

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Brand X Riot Stick Skateboard Deck

Brand X Riot Stick Skateboard Reissue in this color and shape are limited to 50 for sale. The second version of this reissue will be pressed in the C-33 mold, which has a little more concave and it exceeds through to the tail.

  • Deck Color: white paint dip
  • Bottom Graphic: Classic Riot Stick graphic in same full color style
  • Top Graphic: Classic Brand X Logo in Black
  • Mold: C-33
  • Shape: Classic Side-Cut
  • Dimensions: 10” x 30”
  • Hole Pattern: BOTH
  • Wheel Well: none
  • Edges: routed
  • Packaging: shrink-wrapped with sticker
  • High-quality full color screen-printed graphics