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All Tomorrow's Impeachments LTD Poster Hand #'d & Signed by The Bird Machine

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All Tomorrow's Impeachments LTD Poster Hand #'d & Signed by The Bird Machine

All proceeds from this poster are going to the ACLU and The Southern Poverty Law Center. 

Printed on 18" x 24" heavy card stock LTD of 285 hand numbered and signed by The Bird Machine

*Posters will be shipped in a protective tube!

The line up the two nights were as follows:

July 21:
Poster Children: 11:30 PM
Tar: 10:35 PM
Bear Claw: 9:45 PM
Dianogah: 8:55 PM
Nonagon: 8:10 PM
Lardo: 7:30 PM

July 22:
Poster Children: 11:35 PM
Bear Claw: 10:45 PM
Tar: 9:50 PM
The Poison Arrows: 9:00 PM  (Played in place of Shellac)
Lardo: 8:15 PM
Nonagon: 7:30 PM 

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