Preorder Madrid Claus Grabke Hall of Fame Deck

Preorder Madrid Claus Grabke Hall of Fame Deck

Claus Grabke is a member of the 2024 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Class. Claus, born in Gutersloh, Germany in 1963, has seen everything there is to see in skateboarding. He has worked with Thrasher, Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, and Madrid Skateboards.

Grabke started skateboarding at 13. He didn’t really have any inspirations or roll models in his skating. As he put in a 2004 article with Juice Magazine. “We started by basically inventing it for ourselves.”

Music was always another big passion for Grabke. For 12 years Grabke was the frontman for the band Thumb, formed in his hometown of Gutersloh. He is also a successful music producer.

Madrid Skateboards is celebrating Grabke’s induction into the Hall of Fame with a Limited Edition deck with the artwork being designed by Grabke himself.

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