Olliewood Action Sports

Olliewood Action Sports Indoor Skate Park in Dubuque, IA! 

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Olliewood Action Sports goal is to provide an indoor training facility for a wide variety and age group of athletes in sports from skateboarding, bmx, blading, and scootering, to snowboarding and skiing, and many others. Olliewood intends to encourage the progression of the sport and community with a facility that features ramps, bowl like features, street sections, flat ground and possibly in the future, foam pits, rock walls, trampolines, and more! This will give kids the opportunity to practice new tricks safely under supervision and also serve as a productive, bully-free environment and after school safe-haven. With the huge gain in popularity of these sports I would like to give kids in this area an opportunity to train like the pro’s! There is nothing like this in Dubuque or the Tri-States, and i think it would be a huge success.

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