Grizzly Grip Tape

Grizzly was founded by Torey Pudwill when he was only twelve years old. Pudwill used a baking mold as the original inspiration for the Grizzly bear logo. And it’s now one of the most recognizable skateboard related logos in the industry! Originally known for their grip tape, Grizzly has been expanding their product line into apparel and accessories since 2012. Grizzly skateboard grip tape will keep your feet firmly planted on your board while you ride. Their tape is easy to apply, and will not cause air bubbles. They come in single strips and square shaped packs. If you are ready to take your boarding to the next level, then try out Grizzly skateboard wax. This wax can be applied to railings and curbs, giving you control while trying out new tricks! Show the world you’re a true skater by sporting Grizzly clothing. Grizzly skateboard t-shirts are made in a variety of colors and logo graphics. They come in short sleeve, tank, and button down styles. They also have a selection of Grizzly skateboard long sleeve t-shirts. Stay bundled up for cooler weather in Grizzly skateboard sweatshirts. Be the envy of every skater in Grizzly skateboard jackets. Their coaching styled jackets are made for comfort and style! Skate with ease in Grizzly skateboard shorts. Their bottoms give you just the right amount of flexibility you need to perform tricks flawlessly. Be sure to leave the outdated sagging pants craze behind, and wear Grizzly skateboard belts! Keep your feet protected with Grizzly skateboard socks. Their socks come in several different lengths featuring the Grizzly bear logo. Complete your skater image with Grizzly skateboard beanies and hats. Grizzly skateboard hats come in cap and fisherman styles.

Show Grizzly some love and stock up on their various accessories! Check out Grizzly skateboard novelties such as sunglasses, umbrellas, beach towels, and more! Store your belongings in Grizzly skateboard backpacks. Their backpacks are big enough to fit your skateboard and then some! Keep your money and loose change safe in Grizzly skateboard wallets. Start your collection of Grizzly skateboard stickers. Stick them on your skateboard deck, notebook, and more! From sweatshirts to umbrellas, Grizzly has just about everything you can think of!
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