Super7 x Powell Peralta

For the serious collector: A chance to get a sealed Powell-Peralta Wave 1 PDQ store display! Each PDQ contains 3 of each Powell-Peralta Wave 1 ReAction Figure for a total of 12 figures. The box opens to form the counter display for the figures.

There’s no mistaking the influence and impact the colorful assortment of legendary skaters in Powell-Peralta’s Bones Brigade brought to the world of skateboarding. Super7’s latest flight of Powell-Peralta ReAction Figures honors their influence with full-color variants of Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Steve Steadham, and Tommy Guerrero. Each figure has a design that reflects the skaters’ signature deck logos and feature bright colors to highlight the vibrant energy and style these skating legends bring to the sport.

Super7 x Powell Peralta

Super7 Caballero


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  • Scott LaScala

    Highly interested in this. Super cool!!! Thanks!

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