Out Now: Andre 3000 - New Blue Sun Vinyl LP

Out Now: Andre 3000 - New Blue Sun Vinyl LP

Now available at The Dark Slide is the latest release from legendary rapper Andre 3000. Just don’t go expecting to find an album full of head bobbing rhymes. Andre is showcasing his wide range of talents with this new LP featuring his skill on the flute.

This record features a note from Andre 3000 saying: “New Blue Sun is the continuation of discovery for me. My entire career has been fueled by this and it is the only thing that keeps me honest. This album is the most honest and interesting offering I can give today. I never could have imagined in high school, when I started rapping and doing music that I would be here right now playing wind instruments. Ha. This life ride always surprises me. I’m here for it.

Andre 3000 is an Atlanta based rapper best known for being one half of the hugely successful hip hop group Outkast. Outkast is known for hit singles Hey Ya!, Ms. Jackson, Roses, and So Fresh, So Clean. Andre 3000 has won an amazing 9 Grammy awards both as part of Outkast and other recent projects.

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