Now In Stock: Slappy Trucks

Now In Stock: Slappy Trucks

The Dark Slide is excited to be offering Slappy Trucks to our customers. The first wave of Slappy Trucks arrived at the shop today.

Our first wave of trucks include the Classic Polished and Inverted Polished trucks. As well as a run of the Curb Killer 10" Trucks that were sold out before they even arrived in shop.

If you'd like to see us expand our selection of Slappy Trucks, help us get this first wave sold out fast and we'll work to get them restocked as quickly as we can!

Slappy Trucks was founded in 2020 by skate veteran Mike Sinclair. They're known for their excellent turn radius and grind clearance. Slappy Trucks are a go to for street and curb skaters.

Be sure to check out why Slappy Trucks are one of the most popular new truck brands in Skateboarding.

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