Nike SB x Rayssa Leal Revealed

Nike SB x Rayssa Leal Revealed

Nike SB recently revealed a new colorway of their popular Dunk shoes for professional skateboarder Rayssa Leal. The Nike SB Dunk Low x Rayssa Leal is a fun color way featuring blue, yellow, and purple design elements.


The Dunk has been a mainstay shoe for Nike SB since the division’s creation in 2001/2002. Dunks have actually been a popular shoe for skateboarders long before Nike started their dedicated Skateboarding division. For a time in the 90s Dunks could be found at discount retailers. This allowed skaters to pick up a well made durable shoe that they viewed ideal for skating for a really great price. When Nike SB redesigned the Dunk as a dedicated skate shoe in the early 2000s they were able to keep the aesthetic look that skaters liked with the technology other popular skate brands were using. This has made the Dunk one of the most popular skate shoes since its rebirth.

Rayssa Leal is a skateboarding prodigy out of Imperatriz, Maranhao, Brazil. She is currently #2 in the World Skateboarding Ranking for Women’s Street. This will make her a favorite for the Olympic Games held in Paris later this year.

Rayssa burst onto the scene when Tony Hawk posted a video of her on Instagram at the age of 7 doing a heel flip down a two stair in a tutu. Her rise since that video has been swift and steep. She has won two Gold medals at the SLS Super Crown Championships and won Silver at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. 

Congratulations Fadinha!

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