Mike Vallely launches Vallely Skateboards

Mike Vallely launches Vallely Skateboards

Legendary professional skateboarder Mike Vallely recently announced via Instagram that he is launching a new brand called Vallely Skateboards.

The post which promotes his new Camo Mike V from Powell Peralta also announces that this will be the last release with the brand.

“After a well-documented on and off again thirty-eight-year relationship with Powell Peralta, I have decided that the Camouflage Edition of my Classic Elephant Board, will be the last of the Big Tuskers.” Vallely wrote in his Instagram post. “The previous three partings with Powell Peralta were at unfortunate lows in the relationship, and this time we are at a high, in the sense that we are positively engaged with mutual respect, and it just feels like the right time to part ways once and for all with gratitude, thanks, and appreciation for all that the relationship has brought into my life.”

He goes on to say, “Going forward, I will not be looking back, but instead working on new art, projects, and brands; specifically, the launch of Vallely Skateboards.” He also teases some upcoming limited-edition releases through Vallely Skateboards.

Be sure to snag your piece of Mike Vallely and Powell Peralta history, before they’re all gone.

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