Martinez Double Duos and Super Juice Out NOW!

Martinez Double Duos and Super Juice Out NOW!

OJ Wheels recently posted a video to their YouTube channel featuring Milton Martinez skating his latest Double Duros and Super Juice wheels.

The video starts with him shredding his backyard mini ramp in the OJ Martinez Double Duos. They’re a 56MM with two different durometers. 101A is the outer durometer. That’s wrapped around a 95A inner durometer. Part way through the session, they add an extension to the mini to “ramp” up the fun.

After that, you see him swap out to the Martinez Hear No Evil Mini Super Juice wheel and immediately bomb a hill. Super Juice wheels feature a much lower 78A durometer. This is perfect for true street skating. The softer wheel handles imperfections in surfaces much better than harder wheels.

The video wraps up with Milton and friends skating the pool in Collin Provost’s backyard. The end of the video is literal fire. Be sure to check it out!

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