HAVOC has been unleashed!

HAVOC has been unleashed!

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Last week Creature Skateboards released their latest team video part titled HAVOC.

This video features skating from Mathias Torres, as well as clips from a recent trip to Japan. The video wraps with Colin Provost absolutely slaying as he does.

HAVOC kicks off with Mathias showing some creativity and gaining speed down an escalator style ramp into a backside 180 down a set, and it just keeps getting bigger and better from there. Mathias also had big tricks like the gap to nose grind, nollie backside flip down at least 7 stairs, an inward heel down 10 stairs, and wraps his part with a massive inward heel down a set of 6 big blocks. Mathias is on a trajectory where we could see him with a final part in a video really soon.

The rest of the fiends also showed up to show why Creature has one of the gnarliest teams in skateboarding right now.

The section of the video featuring shots from Creature's trip to Japan earlier this year show how skateboarding is able to connect people from all cultures in a way that doesn't happen in many other ways. You have Americans, Milton from Argentina, and the Japanese riders just shredding and having a great time together. There was a ton of great skating in this section of the video, but some of my favorite tricks/shots are the boneless of the wall with Fuji in the backdrop, and without any further description, the McTwist. You'll just have to watch the part to see it. The either Japan section can be best summed up by the final words of the section, "Holy shit!"

Colin Provost wraps up HAVOC by putting in more tricks in a period of time than you would think possible. His consistency and level of gnar shows why he is currently King Fiend for Creature. I don't want to spoil anything from Colin, you just have to check out the full HAVOC video below to see just why we love Creature and their fiends!

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