Arisa Trew Lands First Female Switch McTwist

Arisa Trew Lands First Female Switch McTwist

Slappy Trucks recently posted a massive accomplishment in women's skateboarding. 14 year old Australian skateboarder Arisa Trew recently went out and made skateboarding history and became the first female to ever land the switch McTwist. 

A McTwist is a variation of a 540 where you spin backside with a Mute grab. A Mute grab is when a rider uses their front hand to grab the toe side of their board. A McTwist is often done inverted. As you'll see below, Arisa went inverted for hers.

Doing this trick in your normal stance is quite impressive to start, but to be able to do this backwards of what your body thinks should be normal is insanely impressive.

We take off our hats to the incredible Arisa Trew!

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