New Deal WTF Napkin Founders Schmitt 9.5

New Deal WTF Napkin Founders Schmitt 9.5" Skateboard Deck

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The New Deal WTF Napkin Founders Schmitt 9.5" Skateboard Deck

Reimagined from the heritage version of Spray can deck that was 9 7/8" wide, 15" wheelbase, 5 1/8" nose, and a 7" tail, I halved, stretched and narrowed it into the dimensions I like to ride, and kept the look of the nose and tail. 9 1/2” wide, 16” wheelbase, 6 3/4” nose and tail. This board was pressed in a mold that I designed back in 1998 for myself personally and it’s still my favorite today. Less than 3,000 boards have been built in this mold over the years. When people ride my board they can never believe how it turns. Then they usually ask where they can get one?

Rocker boards swing from the trucks and come back to center when turning. This mold is a symmetrical rocker mold and carves and flows like no other. The goal with this board is to carve and cruise through a skatepark, pool or just down the street.