StrangeLove Skateboards Sticker Pack

StrangeLove Skateboards Sticker Pack #9

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StrangeLove Skateboards Sticker Pack #9

  • New Header Card
  • Polyethylene Bag
  • Two Staples
  • Product Description: Throughout the course of this fantastic journey called life, we will experience things of such great magnitude that they will have a profound influence on us until we clock out into the Great Beyond. For me, this would be the movie Thrashin' (1986), so when shit started to go south in March 2020 with the onset of the global pandemic and no one knew what was coming around the bend next, I thought to myself, "If this is it, the twilight of humankind on Earth, the fabled End of Days, what's the last thing I want to accomplish?" I'm proud to say that without any hesitation whatsoever I knew exactly what had to be done, and this polyethylene bag contains the adhesive fruits of my hypothetical last labor of hot, reckless, and totally insane love. — Cliver

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