Powell Peralta Steve Caballero Ban This Bones Brigade Series 12 Silver Skateboard Deck *Pre-Order

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Bones Brigade Series 12 Steve Caballero Ban This Skateboard Deck Silver 9.265 x 32

*Pre-Order starts shipping out 9-1-2020

  • Deck Wheelbase 14.75"
  • Deck Length 32"
  • Deck Width 9.265"
  • Deck Nose 6.56"
  • Deck Tail 6.56"

Some history:

In 1988 Powell-Peralta ran an "Artist Wanted" advertisement in TWS and Thrasher. The contest "winner" would get a job in the Powell-Peralta art department in Santa Barbara. The artist selected was Sean Cliver, mainly because his illustration style closely mimicked VCJ's. Cliver's first deck design, the Barbee Ragdoll, was a departure from the traditional VCJ look, but when it came time to update the Caballero dragon, Sean emulated the master. At some point later, someone dubbed the graphic Cab "Ban This" Dragon since it was prominently featured in that video, (think slow-motion sequence).

Release Date: 1988

Artwork by Sean Cliver

ATTENTION! Bones Brigade Series 12 Delays, please read!

Short story

WHAT: Moving re-scheduled public release date from June 15 to Sept 1, 2020.

WHY: The current health situation

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Thank you for your understanding.


1. Due to limits in our manufacturing caused by the current health situation, we are disappointed to let you know that we have to move the public release date (again) of Bones Brigade Series 12, now to September 1, 2020. In spite of our best efforts we are not able to meet the June 15, 2020 date. 

2. In order to fairly supply demand we need to again change the public release date, now to Sept 1, 2020 instead of June 15, 2020. 
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