Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer 72mm 80A Yellow Skateboard Wheels

Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer 72mm 80A Yellow Skateboard Wheels

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Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer 72mm 80A Yellow Hub Skateboard Wheels (set of 4)

After testing for many months we've optimized a new 80a SSF (Soft Slide Formula) and found it works phenomenally well in the 72mm Kevin Reimer mold. This formula is substantially more durable than the purple or green versions but retains all the characteristics you've come to love from the 72mm. Smooth sliding, fast rolling, but with more of an "on top of the pavement" feel. The stiffer 80a durometer makes for more firm edge grip before release and also a more firm catch when you come back into traction with lots of slide in the middle. 

We're confident this will be the most durable wheel for a freeride or downhill aficionado while also being a fast rolling option great for cruising, dance, or carving. 

  • Brilliant Surface - More grip when new
  • Sharp edges offer extra flex for grip while carving, or sliding
  • SSF PRO - 30% more grip than SSF 
  • Smooth sliding, but grip oriented shape for carving or racing
  • Suitable for freeride when broken in 
  • 2mm inset with new H5 core, still flippable for even wear 

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