Killdozer "Twelve Point Buck" T-Shirt

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Killdozer "Twelve Point Buck" T-Shirt

*The tee design is made on a high-quality soft heat transfer!

*This is an OFFICIALLY LICENSED LTD release. With consent from Michael Gerald of Killdozer.

Killdozer was an American noise rock band, formed in Madison, Wisconsin in 1983, with members Bill Hobson, Dan Hobson, and Michael Gerald. They took their name from the 1974 TV movie, directed by Jerry London, itself based on a Theodore Sturgeon short story.

Twelve Point Buck is the fourth album by Killdozer, released in 1989 through Touch and Go Records. After hearing the album, Sub Pop's Jonathan Poneman suggested that Nirvana record demos with Killdozer producer Butch Vig; after signing with DGC Records, Kurt Cobain asked Vig to produce Nevermind. Cobain told Vig that he wanted Nevermind to sound "as heavy" as Twelve Point Buck.

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