H-Street Tony Magunusson Kid'N Cross Skateboard Deck

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H-Street Tony Magunusson Kid'N Cross Skateboard Deck


The Tony Mag Kid’n’Cross deck was originally drawn by Francesco Jekill Albertini in the later 80’s. It came out after the Alien and was originally made by Taylor-Dykema and UWS. It was originally laminated on the Hell Concave and while it’s been re-issued in various forms a couple of different times since the 80’s, this is the first time we're offering this classic design as a standard Street shape.

This is also T-Mag’s favorite graphic from back then and has a deep personal meaning to him.

The top logo was designed by Scott Obradovich before H-Street was only a thought in Mag's mind. The classic T-Mag Bat has stayed around as a full graphic, T-Shirts, Jackets, Sweatshirts and Decals. The design also features a somewhat "hidden" message, other than what is obvious at first sight.

The Kid’n’Cross comes in 4 sizes on a standard concave, made with the best Canadian Hardrock Maple and transfer graphics. The dyed veneer on top and bottom are mixed and the ink colors indicate size of the deck.

Available in:  8", 8.3", 8.5", or 8.75"

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