Blockhead Sam Cunningham “Evil Eye” reissue 2020 Skateboard Deck

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Blockhead Sam Cunningham “Evil Eye” reissue 2020 Skateboard Deck

There’s been a lot of rad dudes out Sacramento over the years but in the mid 80’s Sam Cunningham was hands down the best all around shredder there was...backyard ramps, pools, ditches, banks or street, Sam murdered them all with style!   

Young street skater Ron Cameron who had just gotten on the Blockhead team told Dave he liked to draw, showed him some sketchbooks of his bored school day doodles and the rest is history.   The Sam Evil Eye from 1986 was Ron Cameron’s first major leap into drawing the Blockhead graphics and it’s just as rad now as it was then.  The “Evil Eye” character would be used for the next couple years on at least 4 other graphics including the popular “Good Sam”. 

Quantities are very limited and these haven’t been made since 2016 so it could be a long time until you see more. 


  • Evil Eye reissue release #3
  • Green stain, Metallic Silver dip or Yellow dip
  • Assorted color screen printed graphics (just like in 86)
  • Top: Laser burn Blockhead logo, hand numbered
  • Dimensions: 9.875 x 31”, 15.5” wheelbase, 6.625” tail, 3.875” nose
  • Old school hole pattern
  • Front wheel wells on all
  • Construction: 7-ply Canadian maple
  • Manufactured by Watson Laminates, San Diego CA
  • Original release date late 1986, Reissue date 2020
  • Quantity produced: 130 maximum depending on pre-orders

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