Bill Monroe Music of [Box] 4x Cassette Tape MCA Records 1994 NM

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Our grading policies are as follows

SS (Still Sealed) or NEW: This item is factory sealed and has never been opened, used or played. If there is a visible flaw with an item graded "SS" it will be noted. For example, if a Cassette Tape is graded "SS", but has a small crack in the case it will be noted on the item description. 
NM (Near Mint): This item has been opened but looks and/or plays like new, with no damage whatsoever. 
VG+ (Very Good Plus): A Cassette Tape graded VG+ plays perfectly. If a Cassette Tape plays perfectly, but there is the slightest signs of wear to the cartridge, for example, light scuff marks, the grade will be VG+. 
Cassette Tape Case - Has the slightest signs of wear, for example, a few scuff marks on the case or box, with no cracks in the case and no tears on the box. 
VG (Very Good): Cassette Cartridge - May have more wear on the cartridge than a grade of VG+, but will still play very good. 

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