Art of Guillaume De Machaut vinyl LP ARION Records EX Italy Import

Art of Guillaume De Machaut vinyl LP ARION Records EX Italy Import

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Side A

Mes esperis se combat                             2'08"
Hoquet David                                        2'10"
Tuit mi penser                                       2'15"
Plus dur que dyamant                            1'55"
Rose Liz                                               4'20"
Plus dur que dyamant (lute)                 1'55"
Tels rit au main qui au soir pleure       2'45"
Ma fin est mon commencement           5'23"

Side B

Douce Dame tant com' vivray                                 2'45"
Chsnson roiale (soprano recorder)                          0'43"
Douce Dame jolie                                                   1'53"
Chanson roiale (musette)                                       0'43"
Plourez dame Ce qui soutient moy (instrumental)  1'17"
Dame a vous sans retollir                                       2'52"
Dans coeur dolens                                                  4'55"
Dame de qui toute ma joye vient                            3'25"

Vinyl = EX Cover = VG+

SS = brand new, sealed
M- = near mint, or unplayed condition. cover looks as close to perfect with only minor signs of wear and or age.
EX or VG++ = minor scuffs which are only slightly visible. There may be more than a few scuffs and NO Scratches.  Will not distract significantly from the sound. Cover also has only slight wear, and is still in nice collectible condition.
VG+ = vinyl still has a great luster, record shows wear, surface scuffs. But the flaws will be noticeable to the naked eye. A virtually clean cover, but may have small writing on it.The artwork looks clean with slightly more aging. The back of the cover usually gives away the age of the cover. Flat white paper will be somewhat yellow yet no stains or mildew from water damage.
VG = overall wear, but no skips of serious defects, more noisy sound during quiet passages. Cover may have drill hole or tears, usually with heavy ring wear.
VG- = heavy wear on record and cover. Guarantee does not apply to vg- or worse condition records. May have scotch taped seams.
P = Poor or Rough condition.  Can still be used for framing.

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