All Tomorrow's Impeachments T-Shirt design by The Bird Machine * Shellac Tar Poster Children

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All Tomorrow's Impeachments T-Shirt designed by The Bird Machine

All proceeds from this tee are going to the ACLU and The Southern Poverty Law Center.

This tee was made for an event  held July 21st & 22nd at Bottoms Lounge in Chicago, IL.  It's a two sided tee featuring the event on the front and the bands that were originally scheduled to play on the back.

Printed on Unisex Bella soft cotton tees!

The line up the two nights were as follows:
July 21:
Poster Children: 11:30 PM
Tar: 10:35 PM
Bear Claw: 9:45 PM
Dianogah: 8:55 PM
Nonagon: 8:10 PM
Lardo: 7:30 PM

July 22:
Poster Children: 11:35 PM
Bear Claw: 10:45 PM
Tar: 9:50 PM
The Poison Arrows: 9:00 PM  (Played in place of Shellac)
Lardo: 8:15 PM
Nonagon: 7:30 PM 

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