Powell Peralta Saiz Totem Pink 10" Complete Skateboard

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Powell Peralta Steve Saiz Totem Pink Complete Skateboard


In the late 1980s, Powell Peralta had an established vert team that was maxed out with the likes of Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, and Lance Mountain. In an effort to expand the companies pro roster to include the growing "Street-Style" market, they began adding new "street" pros. After Tommy Guerrero it was Mike Vallely, then Ray Barbee. The fourth Powell-Peralta Street pro to receive a deck model was Long Beach local, Steve Saiz. His Native American "totem pole" graphic was the second illustrated by newly acquired artist Sean Cliver in 1989. Saiz continued to skate for Powell-Peralta into the early 1990s until his knee, unfortunately, gave out.

Originally Released: 1989

Artwork by: Sean Cliver

  • Brand Powell-Peralta
  • Deck Shape 282
  • Deck Construction 7-Ply Maple
  • Deck Concave SP3
  • Deck Wheelbase 15"
  • Deck Length 30.81"
  • Deck Width 10"
  • Deck Nose 4.47"
  • Deck Tail 6.34"
  • Wheel Core No
  • Wheel Diameter 64mm
  • Wheel Hardness 97a
  • Wheel Formula SBA
  • Wheel Color Black
  • Wheel Suggested Use All Terrain
  • Wheel Surface Smooth
  • Truck Make Independent

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