The Search For Animal Chin Soundtrack 2x yellow vinyl LP

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Originally released in 1987, The Search for Animal Chin was the first skateboarding video to have a plot, and it changed the skate world forever. The famous “Bones Brigade” skate team, featuring Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain and Tommy Guerrero, goes on a search for master skateboarder Animal Chin in this instant classic. The soundtrack of all original music is unique in a 1987-synthtastic kind of way. This limited edition gatefold of yellow vinyls comes with poster, photo collage including rare photos, plus full audio and skate movie download. Rad!

Newly Remastered
First Time on Vinyl

Gatefold Package includes
- 2XLP Yellow vinyls
- fold out poster
- mp3 download of entire soundtrack
- skate movie download.



  1. SIDE A 
    Ripper Animation
  2. Chin Theme
  3. Weekend Today Skit
  4. Chin Missing Theme
  5. Chin Newscaster
  6. Hardcore Skaters Mourned
  7. Wallows
  8. Waikiki
  9. Deal A Meal Skit
  10. Chopsticks
  11. Maps to the Skaters Homes
  12. Chinatown Session
  13. SF Schoolyard
  14. Golden Gate Park
  15. Milk Carton Skit
  16. SF Downhill Session 

    SIDE B 
  17. Desert
  18. Bakersfield Suburbs
  19. Bakersfield Ramp
  20. Bakersfield Ramp Session
  21. Undersell Skit
  22. Borst
  23. Lance Skit
  24. 711's
  25. Pink Motel Intro
  26. Pink Motel Session
  27. Pink Motel Room Skit
  28. Nightmares 

    SIDE C 
  29. Calisthenics
  30. Cadillac Skit
  31. Chin Ramp
  32. Sleep Driving
  33. Blue Tile Lounge Intro
  34. Johnny Rad Raddy Daddy
  35. Johnny Rad Skateboard Shuffle
  36. Blue Tile Lounge Outro
  37. Desert Skating
  38. Chin Monolith 

    SIDE D 
  39. Skating to Chin Ramp
  40. Chin Ramp Session #1
  41. Chin Ramp Session #2
  42. Chin Ramp Session #3
  43. Tunnel in the Ramp
  44. Chin Ramp Slo-mo
  45. Campfire Skit
  46. Credits
  47. TV Repairman Skit